17 January 2008

They are

The talented one who never hands anything in.
The thoughtful one who disappears for three weeks.
The arrogant one who misses all his college application deadlines.
The dedicated one who agonizes alone at 3:00 in the morning.
The outrageous one who antagonizes or sleeps.
The funny one who kills himself.
The lazy one who finally chooses to work.
The curious one who wants to know how to be happy.
The tired one who sleeps wherever she can find a spot.
The hot one who wears tank tops in New York January.
The smart one who decides senior year is too long.
The pregnant one who wants someone to love her.
The rich one who thinks it's not clear how he gets his money.
The mother one who cries in class because she's so tired.
The sad one who misses her father.
The lucky one who figures it all out.
The friendly one who has no one to listen to her.
The angry one who is suspended from school for a year.
The heavy one who doesn't know how beautiful she is.
The despairing one who returns with rows of scabs on her arm.
The insecure one who calls his teacher Mom.
The lonely one who wears black and thrives in college.
The dangerous one who tries to write his paper in jail.
The deluded one who knows he will never be caught.
The cute one who believes a smile solves everything.
The desperate one who tries it all.

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