26 January 2008

Books so far

Rotten: No Irish-No Blacks-No Dogs, by John Lydon with Keith and Kent Zimmerman
An interesting if disjointed look at the life of John Lydon and the rise and demise of the Sex Pistols.

Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground 1981-1991, by Michael Azerrad
Began this book about a year ago. This is no comment on the book's quality or my appreciation of it, however. I've read this book in pieces, trying slowly to absorb the many levels of detail that chronicle the history of bands from Black Flag to Beat Happening. It is funny, depressing, fascinating, dense and, as Chuck Klosterman tells us at the end of Fargo Rock City, "serves as the perfect antithesis" for his own book. Yup. Definitely.

Currently reading David McCullough's 1776. It's about time I got to this one, but I was too tired the night I began it this week, so "currently reading" is probably a too-optimistic designation; I should begin it anew.

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