22 January 2008

Reading, Writing, Sipping, Peeing

Because it is the first day of Regents exams, school is strangely peaceful. I can sip my coffee. I can read my email. I can go to the bathroom at 8:43 if I need to. The only question anyone has asked me so far is whether I'd like a copy of today's newspaper. Yes. Yes, I believe I would. I have stacks of work waiting for me, research projects, Hamlet essays and study guides, piled neatly on the table behind me; for now, however, I can read and write and sip and pee. The work can wait, at least until I remember that this is the only chunk of time available to me this week for such random pursuits. After this morning, my time is as heavily scheduled as it is during a normal school day. Ah well.

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