10 October 2008

Kentucky road trip essentials: GPS, sandwiches, and twenty-three 17-year-olds to share the driving

Some of my students have a hard time visiting colleges they might want to attend, so I provide them with opportunities to visit five or six different colleges over the course of the year. On Wednesday, we visited the State University of New York at Cobleskill, a great ag and tech college fairly close to home. Many of my students have attended Cobleskill over the last few years, and I am always impressed by the care the admissions staff takes with my students.

Today, I began class by asking my students what they thought of the school.

Me: So is anyone going to apply to SUNY Cobleskill?

Katherine and Douglas: It smelled like cows/It was just like a petting zoo.

Me: Really? What trip did you two go on?? And, by the way, that doesn't answer the question I asked.

(Rest of class murmurs agreement.)

Katherine: Well, it did smell like cows. And there were cows there.

Me: Uh huh . . . So how about we hear from someone who liked the college?

Katherine: But I did like it! It was peaceful, too, and I know I could get some work done.

Me: Oh. Okay. Traditionally, if you mention that a place smells like cows, most people don't take that as a positive. . . . so what else did you like about the campus? The programs?

Grace: The coffee was delectable.

Me: Really? Delectable? Wow.

Grace: Yes. Delectable. But the ice-cream was mad fake.

Me: Okay. Food quality is certainly one thing to consider when applying to colleges, but what about the possible majors? Or what the EOP director was telling you about?

Blanche: The dorm room was mad small.

Me: Actually, it's pretty large for a college dorm.

Blanche: Miss? I'm definitely applying, though. I really liked it.

Katherine: Me, too.

James: We should take a trip to that college with the free tuition.

Me: Hmmm. The one in Kentucky? That's an overnight.

Amanda: Yeah! We should do that!

Me: Honestly, the idea of doing an overnight trip gives me chills . . .

Thomas: Miss? What are you saying? That you don't have faith in us?

Me: No, I actually have great faith in you, but I'm also a realist.

(Class laughs knowingly.)

Me: Besides, that would be an expensive trip.

James: Naw, Miss, you can drive, and we'll pack food to eat.

Thomas: Yeah, and I"ll bring the GPS!

Amanda: We could take turns driving!

Me: O, good lord!

James: And we'll just drive through the night.

Michelle: Yup. We need to get on planning this right now. We can leave on some Friday.

Me: Hmmm. And when you say "we" you mean "me" (pointing to myself), right?

Michelle: Well, yeah.

Thomas: Hey! I got you covered with the GPS!


Erin Mallory said...

One of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I can TOTALLY hear this conversation. You are still a marvel of the ages...

mar said...

Don't tell me if you actually make the trip.....your daddy