11 December 2009

When "nipple" is the best option.

As the class is getting ready to be dismissed:

Jim: Hey! What are you doing? Geez, that's so gay!

John: Ewww. Really. You're a retard.

Me: Hey! I don't want to hear those two words again! Seriously!

John: Um, which two words?

Me: What? "Gay and retard."

John: Oh. We said "nipple" too.

Me (thinking): Nipple is fine. No problem at all with nipple.

Jim: Really? Nipple's okay? Oh. Okay.

Me: Yup. You can use "nipple" all you want. Just don't call each other gay and retard anymore.

John: Jim is such a nipple.

Me: Much better. Go to lunch now.


..::C::.. said...

I was just hitting the "next blog" like, and browsing though some random blogs, and saw yours. I was reading some posts, and this one in particular made me laugh. I just had to say that!

nfhuth said...

Ah, many thanks! I appreciate knowing that!


Sean-Michael said...

just was flipping through next blog when I couldn't sleep and came across yours. I enjoy your storytelling style of writing. And your stories remind me a bit of my mother's 4th grade classes when she taught in southern CA near Los Angeles. This one especially made me chuckle with recognition.

nfhuth said...

Thanks for your kind words, Sean-Michael!