07 January 2014

Sometimes the dancing monkeys have already left the building.

John (having arrived late to class): So what am I supposed to do now?

Me: Well, as I wrote on the agenda board, and as I said to the class during my introduction to this assignment . . . ohhhhh. You weren't here for that. Well, it's too bad you were late because the dancing monkeys did an excellent job answering a couple questions some of your classmates had. Cathy, I think the dancing monkeys really helped, didn't you?

Cathy: Oh, absolutely. And they were entertaining as well. It's too bad you can only have them once a year.

John: Dancing monkeys? What dancing monkeys?

Cathy (shaking her head sadly): Oh, you really missed something.

Me: It truly is a shame. But I'll try to help you understand this assignment.

John: You're not as much fun as dancing monkeys . . .

Me: Very true, but when you're late to class, sometimes you miss the dancing monkeys.

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