06 April 2010

Axe-wielding OD poppin' mom

Sometimes my students leave me notes on my white board. On the day I found this note, I must have been ranting about some thing or other.

This year I have a budding artist who enjoys drawing trees. He does these very quickly, usually in the last two minutes of class as I am distracted at the back of the room and the other students are packing up. I really like this and felt bad when I had to spritz it with rubbing alcohol.

I think my tree artist left this as well, but it might have been his friend. I'm not sure I understand the significance of my name and the scary axe-wielding character. Perhaps that's best.

I have one former student who, when she visits during a college break, says good bye by leaving me a nice note. Apparently Mackenzie finds me kinder and fuzzier than my tree artist does.


W.C.Camp said...

You gotta have space to teach - but at least you shoot a picture or two to remember the art show and messages your student's leave.
Very nice. W.C.C.

Emilyy said...

i love the tree. its veryy pretty :)