17 March 2010

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

First thing in the morning, before school begins. Even though my door is open, I hear a knock and look up, realizing I don't know this student.

Me: Hey! What's up?

Student (extending hand and striding purposefully into the room): Hi, Miss Huth. I'm a new student in your class. My name is Grace.

Me (tentatively returning handshake): Um, hi! Well, it's very nice to meet you, Grace.

Grace: Here's my schedule. I think I'm in your next class. Mod 3, right?

Me: Yes, mod 3 is first today.

Grace: What are you working on right now? I want to be able to catch up.

Me: Oh, we're in the middle of a research project.

Grace: Oh, I love doing research! It's so much fun, and I always learn so much!

Me: What?! Oh. Good. (Then, scanning schedule, slowly) Oh, Grace, um, I'm sorry but you're not my student . . .

Grace: Oh! I'm so sorry!

Me (sighing): Oh, it's no problem. The schedule is hard to figure out (sigh) Your class is next door (sigh). I'll take you there (sigh).

Grace: Oh, thanks so much! I appreciate all your help!

Me: You're very welcome. It was a pleasure to meet you, believe me (sigh).


jack bespoke said...

gosh thats disappointing, its students like that the make the whole teaching process worth it huh? any chance you can have her as a student in the future?


nfhuth said...

No chance, but that's okay. She was just surprisingly mature and interested. Plus, I enjoyed the handshake!